Sunday, March 04, 2007



Check out Paolo Dy's film in entitled QWERTY! His video has been voted as one of the top videos in the site. As of last week (March 2), it passed the 12,000 view mark and averaged about 1,000 hits a day.

Link to the film:

About the film:
QWERTY is a suspense-thriller. A mentally-afflicted young man named Benny is accused of murdering Professor Chavez, his longtime benefactor. Chavez' lawyer, Dan Ortega, is called in to figure out what really happened. The answer lies in Benny's mad obsession with the professor's old typewriter, on which he types relentlessly, day and night.
What are you waiting for? Go visit the site and rate the movie! Leave your comments too!

Pao - Congratulations! You make all of us proud!

For more information on Paolo Dy, check out his website:

Just a bit of trivia, Paolo was the one who introduced me to Photoshop back in college! =)

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DP said...

lamaaaata! :D haha.

balang araw, bibili tayo 85mm 1.2 L! woohoo!