Tuesday, March 20, 2007

D U X - Sorting in Lightroom

Time for some Adobe Lightrom Tips... I know it's been a while since I posted some tips (and entries in my blog). Anyway, Lightroom 1.0 has a very good system for you to sort/rate your photos. There are a number of ways to sort your photos by using the following tools available in LR:
  • Flags (Pick or Rejects)
  • Ratings (stars)
  • Color Labels
What has worked for me (after working with version 1.0) is:
  • After I download my photos to Lightroom, I go through the photos and get my 'Picks'. Shortcut here is 'P' for Picks. If I see that a picture is really blurred or out of focus, I just flag it as a 'Reject'. Shortcut for this is 'X'.
  • Once I go through the entire shoot, I then filter the library to only show all the 'Picks' I have. This is the time I rate my pictures.
  • Rating the pictures is relatively easy - just press the numbers 1 through 5 to give the number of stars you want for a particular photo.
That's it! A quick and easy way to get through the photos and get the good ones! Now, if you want to know why the title of the post is D, U, X -- well, it's because 'U' is for 'Unflag'. If you accidentally 'picked' something that's supposed to be a reject, or you just simply don't want to flag a photo as a pick anymore, simply press 'U' to unflag the photo.

That's all for now... In the meantime, keep on shooting! =)


Nick Lewis said...

Nice and simple :-)

Mike Lao said...

Thanks, Nick! Will put more tips when I have the time.

Marlon said...

Mike, you still using the trial version or have you bought a licensed version na? If so, magkano bili mo dyan?

marlon in oz (www.flickr.com/photos/marlonius)