Tuesday, March 06, 2007

iLap - my new Powerbook accessory

New Powerbook Accessory - iLap! I saw this from the Mac store last weekend and I read the reviews to make sure it's really good. Finally got one yesterday (thanks to Ekky!) and all I can say is - it's a success! Hahaha!

More info on iLap can be found at: http://www.raindesigninc.com/ilap.html

Some good things about it:
  • gets the heat out of my powerbook
  • cool/sleek design and finish - matches my powerbook
  • cushion is comfortable
The only thing that I see bad is that I can't fold the rear cushion for traveling. It's not as compact as I want it. But then again (that's me rationalizing), it's not meant for that.

This is highly recommended for Mac Laptop users! Btw, checkout their website to see the other products they offer like the i360 and iGo.

Image courtesy of raindesigninc.com

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Tuna Blue said...

My InCase sling back was stolen in New York! :( I was in this dessert place that had glass panels and my bag was by my foot... the theive probably thought there's a laptop in it... buti nalang i unloaded it. i used the bag to carry stuff around since it's so sleek... but yeah, i lost the bag! i wanted to get a new one but it's still 80 bucks! huhu!

so take care of your accessories!