Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bossa Rocks!

Sitti - Bossa Rocks Concert
March 16, 2007
Music Museum

I got the opportunity to watch Sitti live last Friday courtesy of Sherwin (thanks for the free tickets!).

Of course, I made sure that I brought my camera with me. I actually brought my 2 lenses (17-40 f4L and 85mm f1.8) but I only used the 85mm one to get a tighter shot of the scene.

Some highlights of the concert (for those who have not seen it):
  • the different 'costumes' of Sitti :)
  • duet of Sitti and Cooky Chua (of Color It Red) for the song 'Paglisan'
  • Mo Twister's 'Forbidden Questions' - Interview with Sitti
  • Moe Twister - rapping while Sitti was singing
  • Sitti's Bossa Nova version of 'Narda'
And finally, here are the pictures... as usual, click on them to view larger versions.

Of course, the duet with Cooky Chua:

More pictures at my Flickr Site.

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