Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Starting Out in Digital Photography

In the past couple of months, I've been a student of photography. Yes, I was finally bought another new gadget last July - a digital SLR! I got enticed by Stephan's Canon EOS 350d so I got one for myself.

Anyway, here are a few sites that have helped me so far...

1. Photoshop TV ->
Subscribe to their videocast if you can! Their episodes are pretty amusing (c/o Scott Kelby who always makes fun of his co-hosts). Anyway, they do give out a lot of tips in Photoshop (and how to fix your photos), but most of all, they sometimes have tips on digital photography.

2. Digital Photography School Blog ->
Very very good site that gives you tips on how to take better pictures, etc.

3. Adobe Lightroom ->
If you want a very simple tool to manage your photos and your workflow, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the way to go. Check out the product now! I will provide a different post for this product later on. But right now, Beta 4 is one big leap from beta 3 in terms of performance.
>> just as I am posting this (Oct 20), beta 4.1 just came out!

4. Digital Photographer Magazine ->
This originated from a UK, and a Philippine version is available. The current issue (issue #4) is probably the best that they have in terms of providing tips to people on how to shoot. If you can, pick up the latest issue. It has tips from the popular wedding photographers in the Philippines. The link I have points to their site where you can actively participate in

Go and check out these sites!

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